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Posted By admin on 03/05/20 - Bookmark Selina 18

Most women have porn all wrong. They don’t get it. Women are always bitching and saying that men watch porn that is too unrealistic. No shit! Just like women read books like 50 Shades of Grey and watch movies like Magic Mike. The fact that it is unrealistic is the best part. It isn’t like I am going to cheat on my wife or anything. None of the girls at Team Skeet would give me the time of day. I am over 50 with balding hair and I am over 260 lbs. This unrealistic sex is just about the only thing I have left!

Paying for watching girls getting creampied doesn’t have to require a second mortgage on the house. You can easily afford it with a Team Skeet discount for 73% off instantly. How does it work? Just click that link and you will get the prices reduced on the join form automatically. You don’t have to copy and paste any codes or any bullshit like that. What’s even better is that Tommy’s Bookmarks has more porn site discounts on other networks just in case you prefer things like MILFs, babes, shemales or whatever floats your boat.

So stop paying full price and get more porn than you ever thought imaginable. And do it all legal!

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Posted By Admin on 03/03/20 - Bookmark Selina 18

When last have you had a look at cam sites?

I haven’t in a long time even though I have noticed the adds creeping up over the last two or three years and the reason I haven’t bothered is because I just assumed it would be such a blatant rip-off as it was the first time this rolled around. Wow, that was probably close to two decades ago already come to think of it.

Since they had not disappeared yet, but have just gotten more I thought I’d check it out, because the previous time the entire industry would have collapsed within this timeframe due to the bullshit business model they used.

Turns out it has changed entirely, I was so pleasantly surprised by pretty much everything. Way more things than I can be arsed to elaborate on here but in short:

Everything is pretty¬† much free and optional to donate – but don’t be a dick, if you like what you see, tip the girl. The other thing is the calibre of the girls. Off the hook, and they are amateurs! Just have a quick look at these fkdpanda teens and you’ll see it’s legit.

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